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Laundry focus on short term apartment rental

We are the first Laundry Services in Prague focus on Short Term Apartment Rental.

If you are renting out your apartment, or house using a service such as Airbnb or Booking.com, you know how difficult it can be to efficiently and consistently manage the laundry for your property.  Consistently perfect sheets and towels are an important factor in your guests happiness, and your ratings!

Especially if you are coordinating more than one rental unit/property, you know that guests and cleaning staff don't always have the time and knowledge to ensure perfectly washed, dried, & folded sheets & towels.  One wash and dry cycle takes an hour at least, and your cleaning staff need to be done with your rental in less time than that!

Let Our Clean-King Laundry Service take care of your short-term rental or vacation rental linens: we will pick up directly from your property.  We'll perfectly wash, dry & fold your sheets and towels, and deliver them back to your property in 48 hours. Your laundry is never washed or dried with anyone else's laundry. 

Contact us today: never again worry about your cleaning staff's time or ability with laundry.  Our environmentally-friendly, hypoallergenic formulas, professionally maintained equipment, and hotter water ensure immaculate linens, happy guests, and less stress for you! 


We pick-up your laundry. And then deliver it back to you!

Our services include custom pick-up and delivery on a regular basis.


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